Meet the Owner

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My name is Miranda Rossi Grasseschi, I am a seven year hairstylist and the owner of Miranda Artistry Hair Extension studio in San Diego California!


I opened Miranda Artistry to encourage women around me that they can have it all! Balance, that is!

I struggled with trying to make my fine, flat hair look good since I can remember. I have worn extensions since I was in high school. They have always slipped or poked out of my natural hair.


I struggled with being able to style my hair, hold a curl and even grow past a certain length or get it the haircolor I want because my hair keeps breaking off.


I was introduced to extensions early on, and was obsessed with trying new methods on myself.


when I came across nbr, it was one of its kind!


No damage, no messy tape or glue, shorter appointment times.

I never thought I was even ALLOWED to have amazing hair.. healthy hair while I have the hair of my dreams


I knew that was something I wanted, and I knew my clients wanted that too!


I began my journey with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions in 2018, where I went to a 3 day convention and received my first certification. I decided to continue with the ongoing business education for hairstylist. In this academy we zone in and learn the science of the NBR method as well as how to ensure my guests are having the best hair experience possible!


I am so passionate about growth and I believe this method not only helps you maintain a healthy hair lifestyle, but promotes you to find balance in your every day life


I love making people’s hair dreams come true, if you’ve ever been discouraged by your hair journey, lets create a new reality.


Schedule a consultation today and experience your next hair transformation at miranda artistry.