Winter Musts

The winter season brings much cheer but also continues the scary hair trend of October.

Even in the warmer regions winter can bring harsh cold and dry air to nip at our hair skin and scalp!

I find with myself and most of my guests, our hair is brittle, our scalps are itchy and dry (sometimes even flaky) and our skin is cracking and tender.

I even find that our hair grows a bit slower in the colder season, with less sun and vitamin D. More stress and more hot showers.
Our hair health can really take the toll without us even noticing until its too late.

After tons of conversations and questions with my guests and researching online and in my own experience.

I wanted to come up with a list of tips and tricks that I notice help me and my clients continue our healthy hair journey during this busy season!

First things first, where is the problem coming from?

  1. How often are you washing your hair? I recommend 1-2 times a week, and of course you can take a bath or body shower, but keep your hair safe in a top bun or a shower cap.

  2. What temperature is your shower water? use lukewarm to cool when rinsing out product, I know it can be hard during the colder seasons but it will keep your scalp from drying out, seal the conditioner in the cuticle of your hair, keep your scalp from sweating causing more greasiness and maintain your hair color longer.

  3. Do you use a water filter? Most homes have a lot of minerals and hard water, this is very heavy on the hair and body. most of the times leaving a residue or stripping the hair and throwing off our natural PH. The easiest way to fix this is with Santa's helper: AMAZON. get a water filter for your shower head and it will help with so much!

  4. What type of products are you using on wash days? this ones easy.. are you using anything and everything from the drugstore? or are you using professional, salon recommended products?

  5. Do you have a mask or scalp serum to add hydration? I know it seems like one extra step but just think of this once a week with your self care days! throw on a 5-10 minute mask while you are organizing your home, washing your face or shaving your legs. rinse with cooler water and seal the hydration into your hair. it will stay stronger, healthier and shinier!

  6. Are you Blowdrying or Airdrying? Ive noticed air drying can actually cause just as much damage as using high heat. Why? your hair is sensitive and easily compromised when it is wet. And the frizz you see is caused by evaporation, where your hair is losing all that moisture you put into it while it's air drying. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel (cotton absorbs moisture) rough dry with your blowdryer about 10 inches away on a medium heat and if you don't have the time.. style later. But make sure your hair is dry before you go on with your days or before you put it in that messy bun or pony!

  7. Do you use a heat protectant? this is a must! because I know you are going to style your hair at one point.. If you make it a habit to put in a heat protectant right after your wash you can save your sanity and your hair when you're finally ready to style! Most shampoos and conditioners offered at Miranda Artistry has heat protectant and UV protectant packed in! the ultimate lazy girl hair product- that saves you time energy and piece of mind.

I know these questions seem like a lot. But each and every one makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining healthy hair, not only all year round but especially during the winter time!

Don't know where to start?

Start with your hair wash days.

  • Try to push your wash days 1-2 more days out. this will help your scalp product natural oils that your head and hair need to replenish the hydration, naturally. I know it sucks to have greasy hair, but what better remedy for dryness than what your body is naturally trying to produce to protect you!

on these days, take a boar brush or soft bristle brush and gently comb comb comb those oils from your scalp down to the middle of your hair and ends. tie it back in a slick pony or bun and push your wash day a little longer. Your scalp will start to understand what you're doing and it won't over produce the oils. you will begin the process of training your hair for healthier ends and a less oily scalp.

  • Make sure you are using professional products that are specifically meant for your haircare needs (hydrating shampoo and conditioner)

Just like when your body is craving certain types of food to tell you what you are missing in your diet, your hair and scalp tell you too!

Good products effects your hair just like good food for your body!

other than your diet, It all starts in the shower. Using cheap or bad products will ultimately show in your hair health!

When stylists recommend salon products its not only that we want you to shop small. It's also because we believe in the lines we are using and know where they are coming from.

We've done our research so you don't have to. You just let us know what you are experiencing and we will give you a cocktail of recommended products to simplify your life and keep you moving toward a healthy hair lifestyle!

I recommend hydrating shampoos, sulphate free of course and something that will cleanse the scalp while not stripping away the natural oils. Protect your color and protect from the elements.

I always recommend conditioning your scalp not only your ends because ALL of your hair deserves hydration and TLC.

If you are worried about an oily scalp just make sure you try the step above to train your scalp.

Also, make sure you are washing all of the product out before you are done. Unrinsed product can cause flakes, itchiness, greasiness, and product build up. Not to mention making it harder to dry and style and causing you to rewash sooner than later.

Products that help with Hydration and Growth during Winter time:
  • Vitamins- women's vitamins or biotin that work with your personal diet

  • Collagen protein

  • Jojoba or Castor oil for scalp + split ends

  • 7 seconds shampoo + Conditioner by Unite

  • Re:unite Shampoo and Conditioner by Unite

  • Re:unite Mask by Unite

  • U oil by Unite

  • 7 Seconds Detangler by Unite

  • Weekender by Unite (for my one seekers to help remove product buildup while adding proper hydration and protection)

Products that help prolong wash days!
  • Weekender by Unite (for my one seekers to help remove product buildup while adding proper hydration and protection)

  • 7 seconds Refresher Dry shampoo

  • U: Dry dry shampoo (in high or clear for dark haired guests)

  • Soft bristle brush to help gently move oils from scalp to ends

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