Why I wear NBR

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Natural beaded rows has changed the lives of so many women

able to maintain the integrity of your hair while being able to achieve your hair goals!

This week id like to share a little bit about my hair story.

i've always had fine hair

my mother, like any other, warned me against altering my "one of a kind" natural hair color.

that only made me want to alter it more and more

by the summer going into freshman year I had already experimented with temporary hair color and clip in extensions.

cue terrible photos of me with black streaks of clip ins curled tightly into my golden hair

by freshman year I had my own set of clip ins.

I was hooked, and no one knew this time because the color (sort of) matched my natural.

but this was the age of partial highlights and peekaboos

by junior year I had graduated to gluing machine wefts to my scalp so I didn't have to worry about the clips slipping and I could wear it in different styles without ripping my fine hair out!

as you could have guessed I was obviously interested in hair by now.

Once I graduated I headed immediately into beauty school

then directly into the salon life

I learned everything from inventory, to spa treatments, to cuts, to color.

It wasn't until I was 2 years into my beauty career that I wanted to share my extension secrets with my friends and future clients.

I started off offering tape ins, at the time it made the most sense time wise and integrity wise.

I didn't see the point in putting in clip ins every day nor did I see the point of attaching hundreds of who-knows-what to your scalp..

no sticky tapes no glue. no heavy weird metals..

I wanted to find something that made people feel good, while growing their hair and not having to change much about their every day life.

little did I know NBR extensions would be introduced to me a year later and be the total GAME CHANGER for all extension's and the damaging reputation they carried..

It was a long process being accepted into the first convention for NBR.

At the time it was called Big Money Stylist convention.

Proof that stylists weren't at the bottom of the food chain..

that we could make a living using our skill and incorporating business into it. we would be taken more seriously. Not only in our industry but to the world.

It was a 3 day convention. 12 Hours a day.

it was unlike any "hair show" I had ever seen.

it was all about empowerment, finding yourself, finding your worth and then creating a plan to create the life we knew we deserved.

I came back from that trip ready to change and I had the method and the understanding to do so.

I changed my life completely, got out of a relationship, moved back home, focused on my health and my art, and opened up my first location as an NBR only studio!

I vouched that my salon space would be positive, safe and empowering. it would be a place where clients could come, relax and experience extensions the way I have!

the way hair completes you.

the way it makes you feel

the amount of confidence it instills

that confidence opens up multitudes of opportunity!

when you let yourself invest.. in your own self care

when you put yourself as a priority

your possibilities are endless

you stop looking for permission, and you allow yourself so much more!

it Changes from "I can get my dream hair" to "I am the only one who is stopping myself"

it changes moods, attitudes, relationships..

Going through the years of education and climbing the mountains it took to become an NBR Artist has made me a better artist, businesswoman and friend

It has taught me to be kind to my body. To have a positive mindset.

to stop and listen...

and to continue to empower and spread love through the creation of transformation through nbr extensions.

you often hear us stylist say, "it's more than just hair"

but there is so much more to the story

"hair" is just how we know how to overcome and tell our story best..

"how did you get into nbr?" and "did you always wanna do extensions" are my two favorite questions and if you ask i'm sure ill have more to tell

Thanks for jumping into my mind and heart a bit..


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