The Year of 'Yes'

Opportunities only present themselves when you make room for them.

Last Year was the year of learning how to say no to things that, in the end, give me more stress than positive results.

This year I am challenging myself to say yes to opportunities I would normally run away from. With good intentions of course. I am usually not one to jump out of my comfort zone.

While reigning in the New Year I had a feeling something needed to change.

So I began changing everything.

The way I thought

The way I planned my days or even weeks

The way I built and strengthened relationships

I began to think only positively

If I had any negative thoughts I would stop whatever I was doing. Uncross my legs and arms or hands. Take 5 deep breaths and focused on where that thought was coming from.

Once I did that, the solution came to mind and my anxiety was relived.

I realized positivity was key

what better way to say that simply?


I recently just had an opportunity open up for me. in 2017 I really started getting into makeup.

Especially on my own face. So while creating these looks, I got more and more comfortable with the way I look.

I started to embrace my features and how they were different from others around me.

With this embrace, sparked a confidence. Saying yes to myself. Giving myself permission

I opened my mind to new ideas in artistry. Not just hair, or painting or makeup, but singing and photography and modeling (lol a girl can dream)

Saying Yes to these "hobbies" (As you might call them) has taken me so far outside of my comfort zone.

The craziest blessings have come from me just running towards the new challenges presented to me. More in the last two months than I can even remember.

Saying yes to a "modeling" gig gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing + talented people. Have the opportunity to pamper them with Glam Makeup and updos. We spent the evening creating memories and relationships. based on a scared "yes"

It's not as simple as just saying the word yes.

Its turning things throughout your day into a "yes moment"

I'm walking out the door carrying 3 different bags and my phone and coffee in hand. while doing all of this I am also trying to lock my front door.

as I turn the key to lock the bolt into place, you guessed it...

I spilled my coffee all over my shoes (it's fine they were rain boots)

did I mention i'm running late

I was a little more upset about my coffee than my shoes, because im used to my morning routine.

(and holding a cup of warmth on a cold day is lovely.)

I turned this into a moment to relax. I left my coffee cup spilled on my porched.

walked to my car and put my bags in the passenger seat.

Went back in the house and made myself a good cup of coffee. even better than the one I had sipped before.

went forward with my dad and made sure I didn't bring that bad energy to my client.

I can write so many examples on why "yes" is so important (don't even get me started on BMSU)

The year of the YES has been an amazing challenge. I would encourage you to get a little crazy and only think positive thoughts for a week.

you'll notice your days will change for the better!

Good Luck


Thanks for reading!

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