Sleeping with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Have you ever heard of protective styles?

Well these types of styles are very important to maintain healthy hair and keep your NBR extensions (or fragile hair) happy, healthy and last longer!

A lot of damage can happen to your hair without your control

you may not even be aware of it

its happening when you’re asleep

Damage can happen from the position you sleep, how much you move around, the type of fabric touching your hair, going to bed with wet hair, not tying up your hair properly, the list can go on and vary depending on lifestyle habits

my recommendations for you, find a protective style that gets your hair out of the way and starts your next morning off easily and efficiently

don’t fight with your hair in the morning

Here are my favorite ways to safely tie my NBR Extensions up while I’m sleeping

  • pony tail with soft scrunchie - Simplest way to keep your hair out of the way.

For longer hair: Braid all the way to the end to avoid tangling or leaning on hair

  • two pigtails (dutch braids or rope braids) perfect for those shorter layers and to keep a bend in your bangs.

  • loose bun (when your hair is more outgrown) - keeps you from laying or tugging on hair

+ Before styling make sure you are adding your hair's favorite detangling spray, leave in lotion or cream, and hair oil or serum to wake up with the most hydration. I love 7 Seconds Conditioner by Unite Haircare and No. 7 bonding oil from Olaplaex

+ Go the extra mile and add a silk or satin scarf to wrap over your hair.


Switch your pillow cases to satin or silk

It helps with frizz and prevents breakage. (Do not use cotton, cotton absorbs moisture. It will dry your hair out)

I find that when my NBR is secured when I sleep I don’t find as much slippage. I can usually go an extra week before maintenance. I believe since I secure my style while I’m sleeping, there is less to mess with in the morning. Meaning less oils from my scalp, less products to use, less heat styling and less washing my hair. All of these hair habits cause “drag” which can cause the hair to feel “out grown” faster.

Add tying your hair up to get the best results out of your Natural Beaded Rows Extension experience

The journey to happier healthy hair is easier than you think. By changing a few steps in your routine and a few intentional minutes, your routine can be perfectly simplified!

I hope this was helpful

xoxo mirandartistry

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