Protect your hair from the summer elements

Summer can be harsh on our hair. especially if we color it or chemically alter it in any way!

we're under the sun and in the water so much more than any other season. with sunscreen, damage from the uv rays, wetting and drying our hair over and over. not to mention the wet ponytails and buns, and all the breakage that's to come with that!

our hair can really take a beating during this super adventurous active and HOT season

Now, I'm not here to tell you to stop

Please, Live your life! have an amazing summer. Do all of the things

But take care of yourself. keep your self care routines, and even add a few more

this will make your life and my life as your stylist a little easier when you come back for your fall appointment

Here are a few tips and tricks on protecting your hair a bit from the summer elements

top ways to protect your hair color and your hair while swimming and under the sun:

  • wear a hat whenever you can

  • use products with UV protectant made especially for HAIR

  • please do NOT spray sunscreen in your hair

  • wear your hair up in a ballerina bun never messy buns when wet

  • use 7 seconds leave in conditioner spray

  • brush your hair often

  • braid your hair or put in a loose low pony (or pigtails)

protect your hair from the damaging sun and chlorine with these amazing and easy to use products

u oil

olaplex no 7

seven seconds shampoo and conditioner

seven seconds detangler

olaplex no 3 or 6

and a wet brush To gentle detangle hair in it’s fragile state

these tips and products can work for those who are wearing natural beaded rows or any other hand tied method.

if you color your hair or have fine or fragile hair, I’d recommend incorporating some if not all of these tips into your haircare routine

-these products are safe to use in colored hair, on hand tied hair extensions. They protect from the uv sun rays and act as a heat protectant when you do decide to perk up those beach waves With your hot tool!

Enjoy! and don't be afraid to reach out to your stylist if you have any summer hair issues!

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