NBR Maintenance Plan


Try not to wash your hair for 28-48 hours after installation. Wash hair every 2-6 days to keep shampoo from stripping the extensions (The longer in between washes the better but make sure you are cleansing just as well)

Make sure you are using sulphate and paraben free products

Brush through your hair before you get into the shower with a soft bristle brush or wet brush

Section hair in quadrants while washing, lift up each row to gently wash underneath

Make sure to rinse out ALL product

Use luke warm to cool water on extensions, always rinse product downwards

Brushing + products

Lightly towel dry + Use soft bristle brush or wetbrush to detangle NBR extensions

use detangling spray and/or primer to reduce the pull on your natural hair

Start at the ends, brush your way up.


Use low to medium heat

Rough dry with your hands until 90% dry, then smooth with your roundbrush to reduce shedding or crawling.

Section off per row and smooth through the rest of your hair with a round brush-working the product down.

Make sure there is no tangling or matting. DO NOT IGNORE MATTING

Curling + Styling

Make sure your hair is 100% dry before going in to style

always use sulphate free heat protectant

Smoothing will help correct tangling

Do not use high heat

let curls sit before combing them out to create a longer lasting style


to hold style or prevent tangling while sleeping, braid hair in two pigtail braids.

you can also secure your hair in two pigtails or a low pony while you sleep if you arent comfortable braiding.

high pony tails may irritate your anchor or end beads. try low ponytails or braids for best results


you can definitely swim with extensions

i do not recommend swimming with braids or buns

it may feel secure but the end result is a lot of wet matted tangles and a sore scalp

I do recomend you spray a leave in detangler before entering into water to swim

you can tie your hair back in a loose scrunchie or let your mermaid hair flow freely while you swim

bring a wet brush and a leave in conditioner with you wherever you go. After swimming spray in your detangler and gently brush through your hair before you allow it to dry. if you do not detangler you may experience some dreading and tangling to your natural hair and extensions

if you are on the go after you have finished detangling. braid your hair or put in a medium or high pony tail to avoid tangling as it air dries.

otherwise, shampoo and condition, add a hydrating mask if you have time, and blowdry with heat protecting and hydrating products.


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