Most Asked Questions with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions

Most Asked Questions


How do I sleep at night with my NBR?

Braiding: split your hair down the middle and create two loose braids

Pony tail: Loose low pony or bun

sleeping with your hair down can cause tangling issues


Can I work out with NBR in?


If it's cardio-plan your wash days on those days

If you wash your extensions everyday, the hair wont last as long

try every other day or just a "bang wash"


Can I wear NBR in a pony without them showing?

YES! you can wear your hair up.

NBR is placed in a horseshoe parting to follow the natural growth pattern of your hair

Make sure you flip your head upside down + get the hair all the same direction

Use a wet brush if necessary to smooth your natural hair + secure with a hairtie or invisibobble.


Can I swim with NBR?


Mind you, the more often you are in the water, the sooner you will be replacing your hair.

Leave it down or place in low pony

Do not braid

Carry a detangler + wetbrush with you to use afterwards.


Which products do I avoid?

Sunscreen: Avoid direct contact with sunscreen, it turns extensions pink/orange colors

Hair Masks: Be very conservative with masks + conditioners. ONLY USE AS NEEDED

It can cause build up and cause the extensions to break down


How often do I need to retighten?

For Fine Sleek hair, Maintenance is every 4-6 weeks.

For course hair, maintenance is every 6-8 weeks.


How often do I need to replace hair?

Typically you will need to replace the hair 4-8 months or every 3rd tightened

Blondes tends to be more processed and has less longevity


How do I brush my hair?

Don't be afraid to brush your extensions!

Use a wet brush right over your weft or paddle brush for the ends


Can I wear my hair natural?

With the right products NBR can be worn to match your natural pattern!

Smoothing through the hair with heat is always recommended to avoid crawling

most of the time you will have to manage your curls with braiding or product to maintain the flow of your natural texture or pattern.

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