The easiest way to use OLAPLEX to get the healthiest hair all summer long!

Olaplex is a great product to incorporate into your haircare routine this summer and even continue all year long!

if you'd like some hair inspiration on how to maintain your hair health and use these products as you are out and about this summer keep reading!

Olaplex no 3

Calling all blondes! if you don't have this in your routine, stop now and add it to your cart.

no 3 is used pre shampoo, on damp hair. it is a reparative treatment. after ten minutes it needs to be rinsed and shampooed out. I also like to finish off with my favorite conditioner.

Take no 3 with you on vacation. it can be perfect to help detangle after a long day after the beach or pool. or a perfect way to imcoorate a hair mask for a spa or self care day!

Olaplex 4 +5

this is the shampoo and conditioner pair. if you have color treated hair, have it up in a bun, spend lots of time in the sun or in the water. you should add this to your shower shelves. Personally I use this pair twice a month to ensure the health and strength of my hair. while im not using it I make sure to use something that will protect my color and add hydration

Olaplex no 6

No 6 is a game change. the same results as no 3 except you don't need to rinse it out! it smells amazing and I love to use this after the pool or shower, (give it that old school scrunching effect with out all the crunch!) if you are experiencing damaged or extremely dry, you should give this leave in cream a try right away!

Olaplex no 7

I use no. 7 every day on wet or dry hair. This little product is so easy to take on the go (just make sure it's sealed all the way). Its a lightweight oil that is safe to use for extensions and enhances the appearance of your hair color. It increases shine, softness and reduces frizz and flyaways.

and the best part for this season:

It has UV protection so its perfect to protect your hair and hair color on those summer days!

Olaplex no 8

This mask adds the perfect amount of hydration without being too heavy or weighing the hair down. This reparative mask is perfect for when you come back from vacation and need to treat your hair with a little extra TLC or for your #SELFCARESUNDAY.

I love this mask because it adds shine, softens the hair, protects and strengthens and adds body!

My favorite part about this product is you don't have to wash it out like no. 3. You simply apply to clean hair, let it sit and rinse it out! easy and now you have perfectly hydrated, healthy hair!

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