Girl, Brush Your Hair

How to avoid tangling with NBR:

Brush! Brush brush!

from the bottom of your hair to the top of your extensions

don’t be afraid to get close to the top of the wefts but be careful with your brush

Hard water filter- hard water deposits minerals and coats the hair. A hard water shower filter may help keep the longevity of your hair

Product build up-

make sure you’re washing your hair, even your extensions.

Especially if you go long periods between washes (Where are my one weekers' at?)

I recommend switching between a clarifying shampoo and a hydrating shampoo (please make sure it is color safe)

No sulphates! They’ll dry your hair out!

Keep your hair moisturized with a daily leave in spray or mask once a week

Make sure your hair is completely dry before styling.

Smooth through the hair with a hot tool to experience longevity with your style(smoothing the cuticle of the hair with a hot tool will help lessen the possibility of tangling)

Avoid sunscreen getting on your extensions- Sunscreen may coat the extensions, cause discoloration or dryness.

While sleeping or working out.

Keep hair in braids to avoid shorter layers from slipping out or breaking.

If you sleep on your side, place a low pony on the side you don’t use! You'll sleep more comfortably

Sleep on your back or thrash around in the night?

Low pigtails are recommended, secure em right under your ear and you’ll lessen possibility for tangling.

Avoid at home coloring

Bonding/protein treatments- this is great if your natural hair has been compromised, but since the extension hair has already been processed and treated there’s no need to put too much protein back into the hair, you’re better off trimming or replacing hair, stick to hydrating!


Remember, extensions aren't the "fix all" for life. Although they do help us feel and look amazing.

You need to find out a routine with your NBR that works with your lifestyle.

That may look like finding a balance in between not washing your hair every day, and dedicating time to throughly wash and dry your hair

investing in products that will not only help maintain your extensions, but promote your own natural hair growth and health!

You'll find in the end, you have carved some time for yourself into your busy life. #selfcare

It's not just about HAIR..

it's about creating a simple more efficient way of living

happier and healthier

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