Extension Safe Sunscreen

The biggest summer tip I have for you is which sunscreen will keep your extensions safe!

Did you know the chemicals that protect you from sunscreen react differently on your skin than your hair!

makes sense right?

Did you know certain types of sunscreen can actually RUIN your extensions?

That's right

The active ingredient that protects your skin from the UV rays can actually cause your extensions to turn peach

Once that color is there, it will not come out..

I noticed this was happening to my own extensions a few years ago..

I was a summer blonde and my extensions kept turning pinkish peach, and not a cute kind...

It was a muddy, drabby looking color.

it wouldn't come out with a clarifying shampoo or lightener

The only way to fix it was to get a new set of hair

I knew it was from my hair rubbing on my back after I had applied sunscreen

But I wanted to learn WHY this happened

To my understanding:

Turns out avobenzone protects our skin by absorbing the UV rays from the sun,

the absorption the chemical has to our skin is much different than how it reacts to our hair.

Once it enters our hair cuticle it absorbs the light differently, causing it to oxidize, the oxidizing creates the pinkish/ peach tone.

since it is penetrating through the cuticle of the extensions, it seems to be a more permanent chemical reaction.

unfortunately we cannot get this out without darkening or damaging the extensions

your best bet is to replace the wefts altogether

Ways to avoid your extensions turning peach:

  • Use mineral sunscreens instead of chemical sunscreens

  • Put your hair up when applying sunscreens and wait for it to dry

  • Do not spray sunscreen on your hair

  • Use a UVA detangler or mask before applying sunscreen or getting into water

Avobenzone Free Mineral Sunscreen:

  • Sun Bum

  • Bare Republic

  • AV Sunscreen

  • Blue Lizzard

  • Coola

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