Always Go With Your Gut

Here's why Newark is coming to an end.

If you’re confused about what’s going on with Miranda Artistry you’re probably not alone

I have not been very public with my journey and transition down to San Diego

Now that the light is shinning through I can see a little bit more clearly and I am ready to share a little bit about 2021's journey here at Miranda Artistry Hair Extension Studio

We all know that 2020 was a smack in the face. Some thing that nobody was expecting and very tough for all of us to adapt to and understand.

A lot of issues carried into 2021, I began drowning in a toxic environment that I had realize that honestly life had always been this way..

I was tired of it andI was ready to grow

I wanted to make sure I didn’t flee

I heard this quote when I was younger that said "don't run from something, run to it"

I was still trying to figure out the difference

So I sat on the idea for far too long I listen

I wondered and asked for others opinions,

too many opinions began to flood in.

When I knew the right answer all along, I clouded my brain with ideas that other people had for my life

All of the things that I had taught my mind for the last three years to be independent to be confident to not let anybody plan my path for me

And here I was going through it all over again.

"Fool me twice.. shame on me"

Slipping back into my old ways thinking that I needed to offer discounts because that's what stylist "have to do to get clients"

I was putting in hours I knew I couldn't work

I was putting my health at risk to make other people happy

I began saying yes to everybody as I decided to keep my ego and keep both studios

I rapidly started losing weight from traveling which was strange because this is the healthiest that I have been in years

I was no longer biting my nails

I was eating minimum three meals a day like a normal human

I was taking in at least 2 L of water



stretching every day

quiet time


There was no reason I should have been losing weight

if anything I should be gaining!

Finally after four months of not being able to keep anything in my body I went to the doctors and she was surprised that I was even standing in front of her face off of my levels of dehydration and low blood pressure

She looked at me with those worried eyes a mom would give you and said

You are important you have to take care of yourself first

How funny, the thing that I have been posting on Instagram every single day for the past three years was just said to me buy a health professional

Because I was not following my own advice

I knew this doctor visit was already after I had reached out to you decide to close my bay studio

The purpose of closing the studio is not from running from anything or because it wasn’t doing well or whatever else people want to interpret.

It was a steppingstone for me and my business

I started in that location and I built it up for 3 1/2 years and It is simply time to grow!

I’ve always believed you should leave where grew up, to make sure that you can experience life and come back and appreciate what began building you.

At this point I am no longer going to let people tell me I’m too young or tell me what I should be doing with my business, what I put into my body, my daily routine.

How I should spend my money or how I should spend my time

I looked back at the months of listening to people, and as much insight as I felt it gave me at the time, I realize now I have just lost so much in the process of people pleasing.

I lost so many weekends and opportunities of connecting with new friends. I lost money.

I lost my mind, I lost my passion and energy.

I completely lost my trust in myself

With my head so clouded, I had to get to the point where I simply disconnected from all of my questions and all of my worries.

I had to look in the mirror and remind myself "you’ve already done it not once, not twice but three times now!"

And third times the charm!

So for those of you who are reading this far

those of you who have followed me on this journey

or even just click press prompts to find out why I’m closing this chapter.

I won’t bore you or stress you out with the small details

but all in all,

we’re going back to the root of growth and making yourself the main character in your own story.

People may question it

people may be confused or not understand

they may even say rude remarks or even try to sabotage your efforts

but as long as you trust yourself

do the work to move forward

keep your progressive thinking

you will be able to sprint towards your dreams!

Remember even if you fall, you know you have the strength to get back up because this is your journey!

Falling is apart of the process. learning. Realizing, Growing. and then Teaching.

Share your experience with others

they might have already been on this journey or may be entering their own version soon.

At the end of the day we are more the same than we are different..

Vulnerability is strength!

Thanks for reading, by sharing I feel stronger and excited to turn the page to this beautiful new chapter

I hope you continue to follow along in San Diego!

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