NBR was created by Danielle K White with Fine hair in mind.

Keeping fine hair in mind while creating a method means it's safe for all hair types. 

Natural Beaded Rows is an extension method that uses a thread and beads to strategically place a track around the crown of your head.

With careful distribution of weight and fine hand tied wefts, These are the most comfortable extensions on the market.


NBR gives you the ability to customize per weft and row, Creating maximum fullness and length with minimal points of contact. Each "row" has about 8-12 points of contact, meaning beads attached to your natural hair. 

Minimal points of contact meaning less damage and happier, healthier hair!

The best part about this method is how versatile it is!

You can wear it straight, curled, braided, in a pony! 

The wefts are custom colored by me to ensure a natural blend! 

when the wind hits, no one will ever suspect you are even wearing extensions.

This is the perfect method if you are trying to grow your hair out without the wait or just to get a little confidence boost.